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The presence of the hibiscus in collections goes back up the XVIII° & XIX° centuries because the Dutch producers always had a vocation of collectors and werre sucessful propagators.

Following the Danish producers, it is in the middle of the years "60" when the hibiscus found a first development in specialised cultures.

Cultivars with doubles flowers were the first ones used in the collection ; red, pink, salmon, and some rare cultivars in single flowers.

A strong evolution will apear with the researches from the I.V.T. by example the cultivars Lagos and Miami and some years later the cvs Canberra and Nairobi are introduced in culture, years after years many other cultivars was diffused, very few are available today.

cultivar "Lagos"
cultivar "Nairobi"

Since 1997 a new collection became bigger from years to years, marketed under the name of "Sunny Cities"® Cultivars introduced into this collection are easely recognizable thanks to an illustrated labeling supplies with the plant. The particularities of this collection, which is protected, sum up by amount of a continuous flowering, of a very good conservation, plant branch out very well and buttons have a good behaviour.

cultivar "Alicante"
cultivar "Athènes"
cultivar "Copenhague"
cultivar "Cadiz"
cultivar "Como"
cultivar "Cordoba"

Another producer also proposes a collections of novelties, we hold theses cultivars :

cultivar "Sunshine orange"
cultivar "Sunshine rouge"


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