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With the extending of the internet more and more pages are offered to the readers, a new organisation stand out by the creation of discussion groups and sharing. The lack of controle on thruth of the contain doesn't exist and by the way many alterations intervene. Sometimes the reader is involved into idyllic or too much affective approches. The hibiscus doesn't escape to this tendency.

Our purpose in these pages of reflexions will be to alert or correct analyse to the necessity of the European consumers.

THE HIBISCUS rosa sinensis, a garden plant or more ?

In the world plants, the hibiscus is a part of the flowering plants having a strong and exceptionnal abilities to flower abundantly. It can perform all year, generally the flowering follows the climatics influences and his capacity reacts to the variation of temperature and lights.

In Europe only the mediterranean areas and generally the coastal areas permit to grow the plant in a garden. In France under favourable micro-climate of the French Riviera (Monaco, Menton), in Spain the Hibiscus is present in coastal garden of Catalogna, in Italy along the riviera, along the Adriatic coasts and further to south. In the northern parts of the mediterranean surrounding, everywhere where the frosts are only weak and for short time many strong cultivars can perform and give an abundant and delicious flowering.

Usually the classical red is dominant. More south the bettering in keeping enhance by the lack of frosts and the presence of climatical weak zone in rains. By the way it is possible to use exotic types of cultivars. If the hibiscus has a limited area for permanent grow in the south Euorpean gardens, it is an exellent plant well adapted to pot and tubes cultures. Maintened and educated into apartment from october to end of april it adapts itself very well into favourable environment, well protected of the cold winds, it pemits to decorate patios, verandah, terrasses well exposed during the summer season.

The cultivars from the commercial European range are essentially selected to answer a these particular conditions. The exotics cultivars well liked by their large flowers permit to collectors to extand their colors scales, nevertheless the huge heterogeineity of these cultivars doesn't permit to certify exceptional results. Each cultivars has its own identity, by the way it is necessary to verify individually all the capacities in flowering and keepin. In counterpart the lack of effort made by the specialists of the exotic areas to define and find reliable classification in use as garden and landscaping doesn't permit to use a strict analyse.

All is to do to define the real cultivars capacities in use for European landscaping.

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