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Introduced dunring the "sixties" the production of the hibiscus is in constant development, several growers did their speciality of it. Actually, with the arrival of new cultivars, the marketing bases on the idea that the hibiscus is a plant for life. For initiated is this message very sensible because it is not rare to meet plants of hibiscus having more than a quarter of century. With somes pictures, let us do the route of cultivars having had the favour of the Danish producers. The first productions began with cultivars with double flowers, red, pink, salmon, a.s.o.

cultivar double classique
cultivar Jane
cultivar Friesdorf
cultivar Moonlight
cultivar Week-End orfiesta
cv. Koeniger orCrown of Bohemia
cultivar Cardinal orange
cultivar Helene
cultivar Columbine

Today with a diversification in the forms and the sizes of production it is possible to find plants cultivated on stalk, strong plants in containers, braided forms or arched and "mini" sizes begin to become popular.

cultivar Tivoli ...............................................cultivar Beatrice

cultivar Casanova Bianco
cultivar Candy Winds
cultivar Nicki
cultivar Cardinal rouge
cultivar Alexandra
cultivar Nicole

All these cultivars have shown their aptitudes in floriferous capacity and holding in interior.

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